Sphero vs. Ozobot

Ozobot followed a line the colored and follow the blocks. Sphero are driven, java script, and blocks.
library so we can do an project on the Ozobot and sphero. I like Ozobot more because it folllows an line yourself driving


2 thoughts on “Sphero vs. Ozobot

  1. Ashton, I like that you included information about using robots in library. I have tried to make your time in the library fun this year. I wish that you would have proofread your post before submitting it. There are some incomplete sentences in your writing. I wonder if you have enjoyed your time in library this year? It seems from your writing that you have!

  2. Wish: I wish you would’ve made it so i didn’t have to scroll from side to side to see it.
    Wonder: I wonder why you didn’t make it into a different line.
    Star: I like how you described why and how you liked things.

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